slow learner, 2017
bells, ukulele, speakers, fishing lines, microphone, pedals, mixer

songs I didn't make, 2016
guitars, surface-transducers, media player, surround-sound amplifier, cables

50 songs composed for 5 guitars by a computer program that I created.
Each song is 3 minutes and consists of randomly combined guitar recordings (E, A, D, G, C).
Sound is played using acoustic guitars as loudspeakers.

self-harnessing harness2015.
violin, drums, motors, mp3-player playing clips of my voice, oscillating fan, mics, pedals, mixer, speakers

double negatives, 2015
textiles, wood, wax paper, fishing lines, projector, oscillating fan.
dimensions: 2x2x1 meter.

10 000 sunsets, 2013
etched glass, projectors, computer, custom software
duration: 10 days

Program that draws a unique sunset every 30 seconds.
As a new sunset is created the previous one is erased.

sea of tears, 2012
looping projection with sound
dimensions: 6 x 1.5m

endless rainbows, 2012
looping projection with sound